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Life’s Parallels

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Something that has become intricate components within the way I function in life has been the practices of analyzation and reflection. Having been a student of Psychology, although I will always remain a student, operating on such axioms has proven to be both complicating and wonderful. Regarding the analyzation portion, I have questioned many times the lack of control that is due to its’ inability to shut off! While analyzing “things” allows for there to be an investigation of sorts to occur, it has been the reflection piece that has proven extremely significant in the “now what and moving forward” periods that directly follow. This is where I find the establishing of true meaning to take place. We have a situation, we then begin to process and breakdown what is objectively true along with our own subjective truth, and then we apply meaning to it. For instance, there are 2 individuals who experience a plane coming in for landing. They are quite close and observe the same thing: the plane is large, loud, and physically close to them as it bolts by touching down just across the way. All are shared objective truths. Now person A gets a jolt of excitement and is thrilled to have witnessed such a scene while person B rather finds themselves panicked and frightened. But how? Objective truths are shared as they are objective but the subjective truths are different as lo and behold, person B had a traumatizing situation that involved a plane when they were younger. The point to all of this is how through analyzation and reflection, and of course schooling, experiences, and reading, I have fully grasped how EVERYTHING is parallel.

Hence the title, Life’s Parallels.

I will be homing in on many different parallels, or in other words the yings and yangs of life, over the next set of posts and discuss the intricacies of our not just acknowledgment of such, but rather our full acceptance which I believe propels us to THRIVE!

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