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To provide an emotionally enriching and thought-provoking environment which establishes the necessary foundation to see you thrive. Sometimes all one needs is support as life can be challenging. While there are countless situations one can be in, guidance is extraordinarily paramount in one's growth, understanding, and of reaching one's highest potential.  Take a step back and open your mind to unsettle conventional perceptions of yourself and reality.


The Thrive or Die framework provides the guidance, support, and opportunity to see you reaching potential and obtaining fulfillment in whatever situation you may be in. ​With each journey varying from one person to the next, Christian will meet you where you are. Regardless of experiences and needs, you can bet that you will be heard, your thoughts and feelings challenged, and mindset and behavior changed.


Encourage accountability, self-awareness, and motivation 

Explore the past, present, and future

 Develop habits and skills

Expose weaknesses and fears

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